Written press

Ferenc Szigeti (Franci), former noted player and coach, manager:

“He is slim and does not seems too strong physically. At the age of 14, he  had already played with good sense, attitude, instinct and with a great impulse – from the baseline! And with this great impulse-filled game, he became the best player in Europe. I think he would be the best in the world, he has the skills to do it. In all directions, he can start with a great ease and speed, his running is not exhausting, almost without any effort. His stroke is perfect, his mental mind made of steel, his eyes are very good. Its sports intelligence and adaptability are very good”. (1943)

József Asbóth Grand Slam champion Source: Sándor Árvay (Hungarian Tennis Lexicon)


Article from Sarasota Herald Tribune (June 6, 1939) about Asbóth: